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You will find in this post some details about the bots I have created for the game Teeworlds.
I am not talking about aimbots, but 100% computer controlled bots for training purposes.
They are meant to be run server side and will connect to localhost by default.
The code is based on the current 0.5.1 client source, modified to remove graphics and run in console mode (this saves a lot of CPU, they eat about 5% of CPU each on my P4 3Ghz).

Basically, they do the following:
  • When they find a known checkpoint, they will follow a hard coded path, using directions/jumps/hooks. This allows the bots to be quite fast when they are on a known route (they can sometime capture the flag in 8 seconds). Currently there are 5 paths for the map "ctf5", but it is possible to add more).
  • When they lose the path (collision, hooked, stuck, etc) they will switch to pseudo random move and try to come back to the closer base, in order to catch again the path.
  • Strangely, they don't know about the flag :) They will just go from bases to bases forever hopping to capture the flag.
  • They try to shoot at the closer enemy using the current weapon (switch weapon on pickup activated), and will fall back to gun when they have no ammo left. I added some random deviation to avoid "perfect" shoots, like pure aimbots would do.
  • They will also try to catch the closer enemy using the hook. If the enemy is close enough, they will use the hammer.
  • They know about the "holes" in the map and will try to avoid suicides (but they still do it too much wink).
Currently they only play on CTF5 (my favorite map) because I made checkpoints only for this map.
If you are curious, they can be seen/tested on my server, search "zeRezo" in the server list. The bots are all named "bot|royale".

Here are some videos of the bots in action:

I modified the bot to restore graphics for these demos, normally they only run in console mode.

I posted this message on the official forum to have some feedbacks, specially from admins.
As I expected, they don't want the code to be released, since it could help cheaters to make aimbots.
So this will stay an exclusivity for my server tongue


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XD LOL [ 11/11 - 22:22 ] : OMG bots for teeworlds ar u invalid?? or u can walk or move the hands??

why make bots like that

Dad [ 22/10 - 21:44 ] : Hi :)

I am not interested in the source at all, but I would like to have one running in my server, for training, if nothing else.

So do you have a compile binary or something?

Elite-star [ 05/03 - 18:37 ] : Comment on crée un bot ? tu pourrais m'expliquer ? par ce que j'aimerais me crée un serveur pour jouer contre mes bots. Merci ^^

kateryna_z [ 25/12 - 11:48 ] : I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

BuRner [ 22/11 - 15:31 ] : Salut, tu devrais faire un petit tour sur ton serveur, des gens s'amuse à créer leur bot et flood le serveur, ça devient injouable et c'est dommage car il est plutot sympa et les bots ne sont pas mauvais ^^ (juste un peu bête parfois mais logique ;))

Royale [ 04/10 - 21:18 ] : Sorry, the code won't be released as I explained in the last part of my post.

chococan [ 03/10 - 08:42 ] : We are working on a project extremely similar to TeeWorlds. We are using some actually src from teeworlds. But we are running our server and clients completely seperate from teeworlds. would you be will to share the src? you can contact me : mauamau(at)gmail(dot)com we could really benefit from this as we want to have a sort of single player mode. Are you willing to share?

migraine solution [ 19/09 - 04:40 ] : Nice content indeed! i will visit as often as i can.


xD [ 02/08 - 12:54 ] : plz i want a bot for teeworlds too 0.5.1 version plz plz give me the fuckin source code of this fuckin bots !!!

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