posté le 06/02/2009 à 22h19
I have been working on several Facebook applications, and this gave me some visibility on this subject, mainly thanks to these french applications:

Pronostics Ligue 1

Pronostics Top 14

Pronostics Pro A

Pronostics D1M

Ma liste de cadeaux

Ma musique

Following several contacts I had in Paris, I decided to start as a freelancer.
So I am now able to accept requests for the development of Facebook applications, and I am going to start next week with a first client in France.

For now, I am doing this work in parallel to my main job, so I am focussing on the domain of Facebook applications.
I am familiar with the Facebook technologies thanks to my projects, like the FBML language and the PHP API, as well as the Facebook social/viral concepts.

If you are interested by my skills, feel free to contact me on Facebook.
You will also find contact details in my resume.


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